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 Throwing knife+SPAS Silent shott

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Throwing knife+SPAS Silent shott _
PostSubject: Throwing knife+SPAS Silent shott   Throwing knife+SPAS Silent shott EmptyTue Aug 31, 2010 12:56 pm

Not my tut Guys

Ofcourse im not all sure if alot of us know How too Throw a Knife+Pause Shoot ur Intervention. or even Berret.

Soo For those who Dont, Just read this and Give it a Try.

MAP: Any.

Perk:Any D

Equipment: Throwing Knife.

So far i don't know how many guns this works with but, i know...
it works well with SPAS-12 (Favorite) And Intervention.

There's too ways i see fit of doing this awesomeness.

Triangle-Triangle + R1 R2+ L1 (SAME TIME)

Or just- R1 R2+ L1.

i know this seems lame for TuT. but its all you really need..

Latly ive been waiting for me to be last person on SD
And doing it with SPAS-12. its fun.

Some people can really do it well with a Sniper.

the KEY is the R1&R2 same time. along with you hitting L1 with those two.

Anyway ENJOY.
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Throwing knife+SPAS Silent shott

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