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 Borderlands Trophy Hack

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Borderlands Trophy Hack _
PostSubject: Borderlands Trophy Hack   Borderlands Trophy Hack EmptySat Sep 04, 2010 2:12 am

----------EXTRACT YOUR SAVE FROM THE PS3----------

1. Plug your memory device into your ps3
2. On your XMB menu go to "Game" then "Save Data Utility"
3. Go to your current save for Borderlands and press TRIANGLE then "Copy" and the location being your memory device.

----------THE SAVE EXPLOIT PROCESS----------

1. Plug your memory device with your save data from your ps3 into your computer and go through the folders until you see the files it should be under PS3 > SAVEDATA > YOUR GAME SAVE FOLDER (Dont change this folder name)
2. Copy the Save.000X file from your downloaded save into that folder, replacing those files on your own save game.

----------COPYING SAVE BACK TO PS3----------

1. Delete your current save off the PS3 "Save Data Utility" Menu
2. Plug your memory device back into your ps3
3. On your XMB go to "Game" then "Save Data Utility" and go into your memory device, go to the game save and press TRIANGLE - this will copy the save to your "Save Data Utility"

these are all the saves needed in order to get the platinum trophy in borderlands.

a few things you need to know
1. the names of the saves are Save.0000X (the x represents a number) the number of the hack save must match that of yours. if it doesnt mat h simply change one(NOTE all of the hack saves are Save.0001) will need to defeat the bosses, the saves are all set up you just need to take them down
3 .there are a couple trophies that cant use a save due to requirement(more details below)

Trophies that you will need to earn

"And they'll tell two friends" almost everyone has this so all you need to do is join someones session and it will most likely unlock, if not quit and join another(look for higher level players)

"My brother is an italian plumber" this one can be annoying, use save 1 and find an enemy. try to weaken him by meleeing(R3). then when his health is low jump on him over and over untill he dies

"Rootin', Tootin', Shootinist" To get this trophy u need to kill 5 Rakk in 5 seconds. The best place is to go to Skag Gully using Save 2 on playthrough 1. Once your there stay to the right & head up the clifs. eventually you will see a bunch of Rakk fly up. Take a shotgun out and unload on them(throw down the turret with L1 for a helping hand)

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Borderlands Trophy Hack

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