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 Ultimate Hacking Folder

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Ultimate Hacking Folder  _
PostSubject: Ultimate Hacking Folder    Ultimate Hacking Folder  EmptyWed Sep 01, 2010 11:12 pm

This was made by me and i just took it from my thread on PvHax.

Hey guys i have finally finished this folder. In this folder has everything you need for Leaderboard hacks, Prestige hacks and lots more. Including Programs. This was uploaded by me and was made by me but has tutorials by people like Alfa, And HSx9, and I strongly recomend downloading this as its really nicely made

Thats the file

Here is what Comes in it:

Bypassing tutorials and programs
Clantag hacks and MOTD hacks
Cod 4 Hacked codes
Hacking tools (HxD Editors)
Leaderboard tools and tutorials
Trohpy codes and tutorials
Prestige hack (US and UK files)
CVAR tool
JTAG tutorials
And more.

Have fun with this. More to come when i find more programs out there

There are a few things that were just found on the internet including the JTAG Tutorials as its easier to post a really good video then to explain it and have you mess up your HDD
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Ultimate Hacking Folder

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