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 How To Lock A Barebones FFA

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How To Lock A Barebones FFA _
PostSubject: How To Lock A Barebones FFA   How To Lock A Barebones FFA EmptyWed Sep 01, 2010 11:45 am

Ok guys have you ever wanted to boost for headshots but not get killed by randoms in a lobby?? Well here you can boost with your friends. This method locks the lobby and only your friends can join your session.

Get a party of 4-6 players and go find a game of Barbones FFA

When the lobby starts ticking down from 8 seconds..tell everyone to sign out

When the map is loading and you see your white bar at the bottom of your screen fill up at least have way start to sign in now

If everone did this would have successfully locked the game and now only your friends can join. This method also works in a regular FFA too.

- Your Mod, Duran1

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How To Lock A Barebones FFA

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